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Reducer Fitting

Sell Pipe Reducer | Reducer Fitting in Jakarta. Reducer fittings are types of pipe fittings (pipe connectors) that are used to connect two pipes of diameter. Reducer fittings can also be used to reduce fluid flow. Reducing here is not like a valve, but the size of the pipe is reduced. So this reducer will be tasked to join from a larger diameter to a small one, or vice versa.

The size of the pipe thickness we provide is SGP, SCH40, SCH80, STD.
Available pipe diameter sizes (SGP, SCH40, SCH80): 3/4 "x 1/2", 1 "x 1/2", 1 "x 3/4", up to 24 "x 20", 24 "x 22 ".
Available pipe diameter sizes (STD): 14 "x 5", 14 "x 6", 14 "x 8", up to 24 "x 20".

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